My youngest child is now three, and is chatting away all the time.  One of her favourite phrases is “I don’t love it”, rather than “I don’t like it”.TI3_9679

To me this seems a wonderful philosophy for life.  Don’t settle for mediocre, go for something that you love.  This is also a great way of viewing photos.

As a children’s photographer it is unsurprising that I have many photos of my children on the walls in our house.  Each photo on the wall brings me joy when I look at it. Sometimes it is the look of glee on my children’s faces at photo shoots when they have been having lots of fun.


Other times it is the tiny naked baby cradled in his Dad’s arms, and the memory of what that naked baby did in his Dad’s hand a few seconds after the photo was taken that makes me smile.


When I run a photo studio around Oxford I always aim to give parents photos which they can really love.

I don’t love it