One of my specialisations as a photographer is going into Toddler Groups. This is always a lot of fun, as I get to play with a lot of children and babies while taking their photo. This works well for the Toddler group, as it is a great way to raise some extra funds. It also is a service which parents love, as there is no extra work for them, except choosing which photo they would like.

The only slight downside with going into a Toddler Group is that it is easy for a parent to forget that I am going to be there. I always have a hairbrush and wipes, to that the child can be tidied up if required, however I don’t have spare clothes for them to wear. I fell into this trap recently when I took photos at the Toddler Group in Oxford that I normally attend. While I got ready to work my little girl chose her outfit for the day.  It wasn’t an outfit I would have chosen, but the finished photo shows her off beautifully.



The wrong trousers?