As a newborn photographer there is a time which means the photos will be their best. If you would love a photo of a sleeping baby snuggled up, looking tiny and peaceful then the best way to achieve this is to have a photo shoot in the first two weeks.  This is the time when they are pretty sleepy as they adjust to life outside.

10 day old baby

This beautiful 10 day old baby slept so well during his photo shoot.  However less than a week later he was covered in spots, as his skin adjusted.  My son was a beautiful newborn baby, but within a month had lost much of the hair he was born with, and was covered in spots.  Even as the doting mother I could see that he wasn’t his most photogenic at that point.

In the first two weeks they are also pretty curled up still from being inside, and they can tuck their feet so neatly underneath themselves to get a beautifully curled up picture.

The final advantage is that in the first two weeks Dad tends to be home, and another pair of hands is always useful.

The problem with trying to get a newborn shoot is that life in the first two weeks is pretty full on, as you all adjust to a new phase in your life.  If you would love photos to remind you of your perfect, tiny baby then the best time to book the shoot is while you are pregnant.  Then we can discuss all the details, and all you need to do is confirm a date once the baby has arrived.  I have a mobile studio so you don’t even have to leave your own house, just make a space for me, I’ll set up the studio, and all your essentials are on hand.

If you are already past the two week window, all is not lost!  We can still get some amazing pictures, and if they have reached the smiling stage then you will get some beautiful smiles captured.

Three week old twins holding hands


Two week old baby – already with a tiny smile.



When is the perfect time for a newborn shoot?