1-DSC_6712-001Models at the Photography Show

The Photography Show at the NEC was at the beginning of the week, and it was a really impressive conference.  I arrived as soon as the doors opened, and the day was packed full of interesting talks and many stands to spend too much money on amazing equipment.

The schedule of talks I had chosen for the day was full and because it was a week day they were focussed on professionals, so very relevant.  It was good to hear from other people also working with children, and get to learn from them.  Most of the speakers had years of experience working in their own studios, so I could have easily spent much more time listening to them.

Much of what was taught was the business side of photography, to turn it from an expensive hobby into a viable job.  It was great to get new inspiration so that I can continue to do a job I love, and keep learning.

My husband is also off on a work related conference soon.  His conference is in Barcelona, but I still think my conference beats his; more interesting talks despite less sunshine.



The Photography Show