Focus of Life specialising in baby, toddler and children photography.  I have 4 children myself and I love working with children and taking photos of them.  However this weekend I took photos with a different significance for the family.  A couple had looked after a dog for 6 months, and the following week he was leaving them to fly to Australia to be re-united with his other family.  This was obviously a sad occassion, but it was a time to take photos to remember him.

Children look great on the white background, where all the emphasis is on the child, with nothing distracting in the background.  In my opinion pets look better when photographed in their favourite location, in this instant a local wood near Oxford.  It was a very chilly day, so we were all wrapped up warm, but Paddy (the dog) wasn’t bothered by the cold, and enjoyed his walk without worrying about me dashing around getting photos of him.

Paddy is now in sunny Australia, soon to be re-united with his family, but there are some special photos to remember his time in chilly Oxford.



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