Children are great to run a photo shoot for. They are generally not self concious, and with a little bit of encouragement will generally really enjoy a photo shoot. My children have been used to using my studio a lot, and as soon as my studio was set up my eldest boy started posing.
John Posing

Children change very quickly, so regular photo shoots are a great way to see how they have changed. However it is easy to forget to get good photos of parents or even grandparents, as the people who will most appreciate those photos are the children themselves, in many years time. With this in mind I spent some time running a family photo shoot with my family.

Aunt and Uncle

It is often a challenge to get kids to look at the camera, particularly when there are quite a few children. However the flashing light on the camera, from the timer, meant that all kids eyes were fixed on the camera, so we can see them all well.
Large family

Family photo shoot
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