Below are details of the products we currently offer via our online sales gallery. We are expanding our range and hope to be able to offer more in the future. If you would like us to offer a product not currently listed, please contact us with details.


Standard Prints: Print sizes are given in inches. For some galleries, we restrict the print sizes to match the aspect ratio of the photo shown. There are no such restrictions on other galleries, and for those galleries if the aspect ratio of print size ordered does not match that of the image shown we will crop the image in the way that we think looks best. Currently, all prints come in lustre finish without borders. Please contact us immediately after ordering, if you would prefer a gloss finish or the addition of borders to your prints.

Canvas prints: Canvas sizes are in inches. We print onto canvases which are approximately 3.5 cm deep. The image will not be wrapped around the edge of the canvas, unless requested. If you would prefer a shallower or deeper depth then please contact us

Family Pack: A family pack consists of five 6×4 and two 10×8 prints of the same image. This is only available with certain photo shoots. We are very pleased to offer discounts for larger orders, so please contact us if you would like to customise your family pack.

Digital images

Facebook profile: Many people like to use our photos as their Facebook profiles, or on similar websites. This product enables you to do that. We will email you with a low resolution version (180px square) of the image without watermark, and license you to use the photo for the purpose of web display. This is for your profile picture, but will not be large enough for your cover image. We appreciate, but do not require attribution. However the photo should never be attributed elsewhere. Perhaps you would like to follow Focus of Life on Facebook. These digital images are unsuitable for printing, and are not licensed for you to do so.

High Resolution: These high resolution digital images are suitable for printing. Images will be supplied in jpeg format via email and you will be licensed to print these images. Black and white and colour will be provided for all images. (USB for large numbers).


Cards can be a personalised with your own photo for a special occasion.  Christmas cards are printed at A6 size, with the words “Merry Christmas” printed on the inside.  If you have any other requests for cards, or other words you would like inside the card then please contact us.


We offer a unique service where your photo is converted into a lego picture by Oxford Brick Art.  This is a custom made picture made entirely out of original lego pieces on flat lego boards.  Because each piece of art is unique we can not give a standard price, but please do  contact us if you would be interested.